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Those who are struggling to connect with their ancestors

To those who are struggling to connect with their ancestors and they do dream. But in the morning they completely forget their dreams do this. Bath everyday whenever you want to speak to your ancestors.

Steam for three days.

1. snuff

2. King Korn traditional home made 3 spoon

3. Grof salt 

4. Castle lager 🍻 beer 1 cup 

5. Holy Ash 2 spoon.

6. Warm water, preferably cold water rinse your self before you sleep this mixture will help you to wake up your ancestors to come and communicate with you and deliver messages to you.

They will guide you 24/7 this mixture helps 100% when it comes to connect with ancestors and clear dreams.clear vision basically it's one of the secrets people won't share to you but today I choose to share because of your suffering and desperate.

Due to no connection between you and your ancestors so I want you to have relationship with them and connection or signal or network.

7. Honey please get honey raw one eat it before you sleep after rinsing your self with. Eat 2 spoon of raw honey eat honey everyday so you can not forget your dreams in the morning# Come and give testimony in this group.

No one have ever share such sensitive information in Facebook but you will see bo copy and paste robbing, scamming people using our ancestors remedy selling them to people. Fake sangomas on Facebook must fall.

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Bath Holy Ash King Korn


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