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How Can You Pray To God And Be Heard? Read The Most Important Basics To Do

Prayer is a sword every Christian should use to conquer difficult situations in life. Because through praying you gain confidence and self control as God gives you peace of mind and hope for the future. But there are things we need to be careful when praying our Jehovah God. Just like a parent who likes to give his kids when they do chores of his family Jehovah God loves that too

Our loving father Jehovah God is the “Hearer of prayer.” (Psalm 65:2) We can speak to him anywhere and at any time, aloud or silently. Jehovah wants us to address him as “Father,” and he really is the best Father we can have. (Matthew 6:9) Lovingly, Jehovah teaches us how to pray and be heard by him. "If you ask the Father for anything, he will give it to you in my name.”​—John 16:23.

Jesus’ words clearly show that Jehovah wants us to pray to him, not through images, saints, angels, or departed ancestors, but in the name of Jesus Christ. When we pray to God in Jesus’ name, we show that we recognize the vital role of Jesus. “No one comes to the Father except through me,” said Jesus.​—John 14:6.


“Pour out your hearts before him.”​—Psalm 62:8. When we pray to Jehovah, we should speak as we would to a loving father. Instead of reading out of a book or reciting something memorized, we should speak to him respectfully and from the heart. In that way the creator of the universe will come towards you and listen to your prayers.


“No matter what we ask according to his will, he hears us.”​—1 John 5:14 . In the Bible, Jehovah God tells us what he will do for us and what he wants us to do for him. For our prayers to be acceptable to God, we need to pray “according to his will.” To do so, we need to study the Bible so that we can get to know him well. If we do, our prayers will be pleasing to him.. He hears people who do his will. There are things people don't understand also. Which are tidines. It's not about spiritual cleanliness but your body. Guys God can't listen to your prayers having bad smell you need to be clean stop smoking if you are a smoker.


A family praying together before eating a meal. Pray for Your Needs. We can pray to God for our daily needs​—food, clothing, and shelter. We might also pray for wisdom to make right decisions and for strength to endure our trials. We can pray for faith, for forgiveness, and for God’s help.​—Luke 11:3, 4, 13; James 1:5, 17.

Pray for Others. Caring parents are pleased when their children love one another. Jehovah too desires that his children on earth care about one another. It is appropriate to pray for our mate, our children, our family, and our friends. “Pray for one another,” wrote the disciple James.​—James 5:16.

Express Thanks to our Creator, the Bible says: “He did good, giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying you with food and filling your hearts with gladness.” (Acts 14:17) When we think about all that God has done for us, we will be moved to express our thanks to him in prayer. Of course, we should also show our gratitude to God by the way we live.​—Colossians 3:15.


At times, we may feel disheartened because of not getting an immediate answer to our sincere prayers. Should we conclude that God is not interested in us? By no means! Consider the following experiences that emphasize that we may simply need to keep praying.

In your prayers don't pray to win lotto please. Jehovah God does not support fast riches. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

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