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Meet The Pope Who Was Hanged By The Authority After He Committed Evil In The Church

The Catholic Church is still influential in some things, but nothing compared to what happened in the Roman Empire, especially in the 9th century. The two institutions were closely linked, to the point of appointing bishops as imperial nobles. At the same time, the Romans were involved in a series of wars, conflicts between nobles, and the influence of external enemies, making the situation increasingly volatile.

Who is Pope Sherlock Holmes?

Against all these backgrounds, the fact that Pope Formesus was appointed led to continued confusion. Officially, the reason for the dissatisfaction was his heretical idea of ​​the Holy Spirit. The reality is that, as far as is known, there is a dispute over which bishops profited from the various brothels in Rome, as well as a feud with Guido of Spoleto.

As goals between the Catholic Church and the nobility conflicted, the Pope began to organize an army to contain the enemy's onslaught. After this campaign, Pope Holmes died suddenly of gout. His successor, Boniface VI, was promoted to pope by a group of demagogues, but he too died of gout two weeks later. It paved the way, to say the least, for Pope Stephen VI, who took office in questionable ways.

Who is Pope Stephen VI?

There isn't much information on Stephen VI, his life or any indication of what he can do. Little is known that he was the son of a Catholic priest - something the Catholic Church has so far banned, and he joined the institution as soon as he reached the necessary age. Possibly because of some extortion from Guido of Spoleto, Pope Holmes elevated the young man to bishop.

Pope Stephen VI

Positionally, Stephen VI is known for keeping the shadows. No one knows what he thinks about the church, he has not published any relevant texts, and he may have contributed nothing to the institution as bishop. Even in this case, he held several important positions during his lifetime.

The Terrible Sentence of Pope Stephen VI?

Official information about the deaths of the two popes at a critical moment has at least raised questions for the same reason. Coincidence or not, this is why several of Guido de Spoleto's enemies died.

Making the succession of events increasingly suspicious, as soon as Pope Stephen VI took office, he overturned all decisions made by Pope Formesus and began a process of purification of Roman statesmen in the name of Holy Roman Emperor.

Of all this movement, his most absurd order was to excavate former Pope Sherlock Holmes for trial on the heresy he was accused of. During the event, a deacon crouched behind the Pope's throne and was tasked with speaking for the corpse, which was dressed in its former robe and placed in its original position.

When Pope Stephen VI asked, "Why have you usurped the papacy?" the deacon replied, as if he were a former pope, saying, "Because I am the devil!" As the trial concluded, the former pope was found guilty and the body was stripped Clothes, the title of Pope was retroactively removed. He once blessed people with their fingers cut off and their bodies reburied, but in an ordinary grave.

Death of Pope Stephen VI

Even at the time, a trial of a corpse and subsequent dismemberment of the fingers was considered excessive. So, a few months later, Stephen VI was deposed and imprisoned. His successor, the Pope, reversed all his actions, bringing back the old resolve of Pope Holmes.

Stephen VI was eventually hanged as a sign of success and restoration of Catholic Church tradition. The sequence of events leads us to believe that his lack of a year-long papacy was purely political.


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