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Do you know that they are using God's name to disguise? (OPINION)

Churches are places for public worship. The people who are burdened by kettles of fish also go there to find comfort and healing. At other churches people are coerced to become tithers and sometimes to even consult pastors about anything requires them to pay consultation fees. Is it how the work of God operates?

Nowadays the world is no longer the same as it used to be back in the days. The people of God really need to have the discernment spirit to apprehend and differentiate between what is wrong and what is right because unholy people are out there doing beelzebub's dirty work.

Do you know that they are using God's name to disguise? I am specifically referring to phoney pastors.

Fake pastors are galore and many of them have turned places of worship into lucrative businesses. They are egocentric, pretending that they care about the congregants who attend their churches, but they don't. They are all about making more money, portraying their luxurious lifestyles and deceiving the vulnerable people.

Infernal pastors who call themselves 'men of God' have abounding confidences. Pray and let the spirit of God help you perceive how futile some of them are. They do not even know the word of God well, but magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits.

Worry not for Jesus Christ of Nazareth is always with you. He will widely open your eyes so you could see the light, and when you do you will permanently cut ties with them. In South Africa many fake pastors exist, but because God is righteous and mightier than them, he eventually exposes them.

When you play with the vulnerable people of God and their emotions, you are simply playing with fire. The punishment from the one above will be intolerable. The world that God created will never ever turn into the devil's playground.

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