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3 SAD Reasons Why God Is Not Speaking or Listening To You

Just as our God spoke to Moses and Elijah in the Bible, God still speaks to us in this generation. In the book of Ezekiel 12:25 the Bible says: 

"For I, the Lord, will speak, and every word will be fulfilled; it will not hesitate any longer, for in your days, O unruly house, I will be the word speak and I will fulfil it, "declares the Lord God. However, we need to be sensitive and attentive to listen to God because He is ready to speak to us. Unfortunately, some people no longer listen to God because God does not speak to them Here are three reasons why God does not speak to them:

1. Sin

God hates sin and if you are living in sin, instead of waiting for God to speak to you, focus on those who are willing to live for Him rather than those who continue to disobey His command. He is a merciful God and if you are willing to obey Him, you must give your whole life to Him. After that, you will start hearing from him.

2. You Don't Read His Word.

One of the most effective ways to get God to speak to you is to read His Word. When you read God's Word and need more clarity, God will always be there to enlighten you as long as you have the Holy Spirit in you. He speaks to you through the letter of his word and explains the words to the best of his knowledge and belief.

3. You are not paying attention.

Where you cannot distinguish between the word of God and the word of the devil, you may not hear from him. When he speaks to you, you are not paying attention to him because you hear other voices around you. If you ask him to speak to you and you keep paying attention, you will hear him speak.

In summary, there are basic things to understand when it comes to listening to God. God is ready to speak to you when you are ready to listen. You are expected to pay attention and try to recognize the voice of the Spirit of God. As a Christian, it is very important to hear the voice of God.


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