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Today's Bible Verse: Isaiah 60:22- When The Time Is Right I The Lord Will Make It Happen. Read Below

There is something that we humans fail to understand, and that thing often lead to our downfall. When we see the people close to us winning, we tend to match our progress against theirs and that is so wrong.

People are different, when God created us, he created us differently so will be our journey. Your success will not come the same way and the same time as that of your friend. When the time is right, the lord will make it happen. When your time has come, God will never leave you behind. Whats yours will never leave you, so please be patient and hold on to your faith. Believe that God will make it happen, God will make it happen for you as well.

As much as things may be bad at times but do not give up, your time is coming and remember, when God shows up, he shows off.

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