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Opinion| Bible said when the world comes to an end this will happen. Check what is happening now

Bible said when the world comes to an end people will hate each other, people will start worshiping their own gods. There will be no peace at the world, there will be disease after disease and some won't be cured.

Children will disrespect old people, child will give birth to another child. There will be no fear from lord, people will do as they please without fearing god. There will be more fake prophets those will claim to be angels from god. People will walk naked, there will be fights and people will not listen to the word of God.

When looking at our world right now you can see that all those things are happening, that leaves us with unanswered question if the world has reached its ending. Are we going to die soon?.

Is time you fix your relationship with god before is too late, we are living to an end. Nothing is pleasing god right now, people no longer fear God and they do as they please. Make strong relationships with God before is too late.

May lord god protect his people and help us to seek his name and pray him. God bless you all. Happy Sunday.

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