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10 commandments and African spirituality

One of the underrated commandment is where God left his word that we should honour our parents.

With the rate of wokeness the youth nowadays have, we tend to forget the way of living that was left for us, that we should honour our mothers and fathers so that our days in earth are stretched.

Nowadays when a parent reprimands us we see it as if they are old school and old fashioned, we honour our friends and peers and seek their way of living than that God left us with.

No matter what our parents are, no matter what mistakes they have done in life we need to join honour them because they have our best interests in heart.

There is no commandment without consequences if you do not follow them, in African context when you disobey your parents it is often said that you will face stagnancy in life, when you do not respect their ways and rules while they are alive it may have consequences when they are no longer alive, you may have to do rituals in order to appease them and apologize even when they are no longer alive if you disobeyed them when they were still alive.

What is your opinion on this matter?

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