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Accept your spiritual calling because is your ancestors gift

There is something that we should know as spiritual people on a journey.On your journey you will find people who are more gifted than you .People who are wiser than you.

People who are spiritually intelligent more than you. People who can heal people. People who can help people in business. People who can help people emotionally. People who can assist couples.People who are specially gifted in combating witchcraft.

It is inevitable and it is a reality that we must all except that there will always be someone who's greater than us and we need to learn from them. 

Like water floating in a river each drop has its own destination and each drop will be utilized differently so as us spiritual people.

We can't be in a political spiritually competition focus on nurturing your gift and if you can learn other gifts from other people and they willing to teach you be open-minded.

Some of you go to initiation school when your gift doesn't even require you to go there or your ancestors have not even requested that of you.

As for me I see traditional healers , spiritual gifted people and prophets as one big house with different rooms I believe some are called to nature love into people. Some are called to heal people physically and spiritually 

Some are called to speak wisdom into people each one has a strong gift that they have been ancestrally blessed with. 

Some are called to be business traditional healers when they assist you your business sells go up.

We are one like in a highway going one way but with multiple different destinations each one of us has a commitment and accountability not to compete with another but rather to ask for assistance form one another if needed.

We need to let go of competing with each other there will always be someone more powerful more stronger than you it's inevitable.

Some heal people with plants ,some heal prophetically. The list is limitless 

Don't compete with others if you have to compete with someone compete with yourself to learn more and gain more experience not for your benefit alone but for the benefit of others 

Always be ready to share the love, share the healing share the prosperity, share what you can in genuine love

If someone has a calling that is more powerful than yours be happy for them because their destiny requires that gift for them to be successful in their journey. 

We are all under the sun and when the sun rises it rises on both of us. When it rains it rains on both of us.

Let's not make ourselves arrogant in our spirituality journey. 

Accept and be honest with yourself that there will be a time where your spirituality gift has a limit and there nothing wrong with that.

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