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Two Important Things to keep a secret from your enemies if you want to succeed in life

 Your enemies are looking for a way to penetrate your life and destroy what you live for, so you have to keep these two (2) things secret if you want to go far in life: 

 1. Your dream: Your dream is unique for you, and you have to keep it a secret and work hard to achieve it. Not everyone is happy they are growing up; Many forces, both human and spiritual, are fighting against you, but uncovering your dream means revealing your life and telling your enemies how they can hurt you. 


 You do not know all of your enemies, some are so close to you and who are looking for means to destroy your existence, however, it is very dangerous to share your dreams with enemies in the form of friends. Do you remember the case of Joseph who was hated by his brothers because of his dreams, if they had killed him as originally planned, what would have been the fate of Israel? Keep your dreams a secret if you want to go far in life. 

 2. Your vulnerability: Everyone has a vulnerability. Your enemies are looking for your weak spot to start their attack, so you have to hide it. Recall the case of Samson when he revealed his weakness. I referred to Delilah without knowing that the Philistines persuaded them to give them the information that led to the demise of Samson. 



 Be careful, there are many bad people in this world. I think this message will help you. God bless you amen!

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