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God Is Righteous In All Of His Doings

Read: Ezekiel 18:1-18

God is just and holy in all of His ways, and He treats everyone equally and without regard for their individuality.

If you are truly adoring Him, He requires holiness from you no matter where He places you or in what circumstances you find yourself.

Anyone who commits sin in Jerusalem will receive the same punishment as anyone who commits sin in exile in Babylon.

The clarity of this issue has become critical in teaching us that distance and circumstances are never a justification for anyone to live a life that is unjust and sinful.

Furthermore, the Lord's eyes are upon every location, beholding both good and evil, and any transgression committed is against the Lord, while every good deed is for the Lord.

That is why the Lord told exiled Israel in Babylon through Ezekiel that the adage, "The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge," no longer applies.

Because He is the Creator of everyone, all lives belong to Him, and those who sin will perish.

The days of punishing children for their parents' faults or punishing parents for their children's sins are over; now everyone must pay the consequences of his own sins.

As long as you are not encouraging your parents' or children's evils, whomever commits sin must face the consequences.

That is why, nowadays, parents can become Christians and go to heaven without their children, or children can become Christians and go to heaven without their parents.

God judges those who worship idols, take advantage of living together and commit adultery with their neighbor's wife, approach a woman during her menstrual period, oppress people, refuse to feed a hungry person or give clothes to a naked person, lend money to a brother for profit, and refuse to give honest decisions.

All who engage in robbery, extortion, or corruption will perish as a result of their sins, as death is the wages of sin.

Which of the aforementioned sins have you enslaved right now?

If you have been living in any of the above sins, please repent now, confess your sins, and forsake them. The Blood of Jesus Christ is available to wash and cleanse your sins now that you are alive, and to deliver you from God's judgment.

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