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PRAYER: Lord Jesus, please enable me to be at peace with people

"Allow for a draught by lowering your nets... I shall do so (Luke 5:4-5).

According to one of our most popular songs, "He will fill your heart to overflowing today, as the Lord instructed, bring not a few vessels.... The majority of the Lord's interactions with His people are centered on following instructions and directives. When an instruction is followed to the letter, incredible things happen. The result will work out to the amount of compliance if the order is only partially implemented. Our Lord told Peter to let down his nets in today's text, but he could only do so with one. The blessing of loading was proportional to the amount of nets he had accessible. He let one down, and the catch was as big as one's stomach could hold. He limited the blessing, just as the Israelites did in the wilderness with the Holy One of Israel.

Elisha never disclosed the number to the prophet's widow when he told her to borrow vessels from the neighbors. However, he said that it should not be a small number. The blessing was restricted by the number of people she brought.

Every believer has unrestricted access to God's grace throne. What we receive is a result of our faith, our perception of God, and the breadth of our biblical knowledge. Aside from the aforementioned, our interpersonal relationships are crucial. Peter couldn't get the net or the ship out until he enlisted the help of others. The widow's borrowing power was confined to her circle of acquaintances. What are some of the ways you limit God in your life?

Controlling Thought: We are the only ones who limit us in front of God and humanity.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, please enable me to be at peace with my fellow man and to grow in faith. Amen.

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