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Attract Success with these 2 powerful prayer points



 A man struggles and rushes every day with the sole aim of being successful in life and leaving his unborn generation a worthy legacy. But the recession in the country's economy has exacerbated the struggle of the people and reduced the income of the people. 

 Many people now fight like elephants and at the end of each fight, they win like ants. This experience has led many to get their hands dirty by ungodly means to be successful. But the truth is that any wealth accumulated outside of God's supplement has mysterious consequences, such as premature death, loss of wealth accumulated in strange ways, strange behaviour, etc. Successful man. 

 2 powerful prayer points that attract success are: 

 1. My departure and arrival will be a blessing for me (Deuteronomy 28: 6): This prayer point will surely draw God's favour on your way as you set off for the day's work and also on your return, for that is God's promise to you. your people And you confirm that it is your part too. 


 2. God multiplies my wealth and my income (Deuteronomy 28:11): This is the word of God and also a promise that is only accessible by keeping you constantly to his promise of multiplication for you and your works or Stores reminded.

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