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Why You Should Pray At Midnight And 3 AM With Bible Evidence

We have to get used to praying at night time (12am) and 3am as these important times Midnight prayer is the practice of praying at midnight which means that your wishes are answered immediately. The teaching is based on some events that took place at nighttime in the Bible, and now some individuals have turned it into a teaching of prayer. They will when they pray at nighttime, Our god can hear their prayers clearly. Many of the passages quoted are about the death of the firstborn in Egypt, Samson taking gates, the Lord's coming at midnight, and Paul and Silas. Let's look critically at the verses below to see if they are instructions or teachings that rationalize midnight prayer.

Midnight prayers are wishes that start at 12 am. This can be the moment when the enemy gathers appeal to fight the victim. A incredible person can stand up and capture wicked arrows at that time. From midnight, people often experience nightmares, as well as mental attacks on the body. The power of midnight is a battleground between believers and challenges. A common moment for mental aggression is 12-3 am. These attacks are arranged by witchcraft powers, sea powers, family powers, strongmen, witch doctors, etc.

Scriptures Verses About (12) Midnight and 3AM Prayer

Exodus 11: 4-5 KJV

[4] Moses said, Thus saith the LORD, About midnight Let me go into Egypt.

[5] From Pharaoh on the throne to the firstborn of the handmaid behind the mill, all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die. and all firstborn animals.

Exodus 12: 29

It took place that in the middle of the night, the LORD struck down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of the Pharaoh who sat on the tub, to the firstborn of the hostage. and firstborn cows.

Judges 16: 3 KJV

Samson lay down till night time, got in the middle of the night, took the gate of gateway and the two pillars, and picked the bar and everything, carried them in the shoulders, and carried them into the city. A hilltop before Hebron.

Psalm 119: 62

I will rise in the middle of the night to thank you for your righteous judgment.

Matthew 25: 6

Inside the middle of the night someone shouted, Behold, the bridegroom has come; go out to him.

Acts of 16: 25

In the middle of the night, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God, and all the prisoners heard them.

Within a parable about prayer preached by Christ, a friend knocked at midnight asking for three loaves of bread (Luke 10: 5).

What are praying in the midsection of the night?

1. Midnight plea strengthens our spirituality (Galatians 5: 25).

2 . not Midnight prayer strengthens our trust (James 2: 24).

3. Midnight plea gives us the upper hand in spiritual warfare (1 Peter 5: 8).

4. Midnight prayer brings a great with God through the Holy Nature and his angels (Joel 2: 28).

5. Midnight prayers offer you a good time to listen to God’s warnings without distraction (Job 33: 14-18

6. A good time to Get Directions for the Time - One of the things I actually pray about every day is that God will lead and guide our day. I'm not proud enough to just because I have a plan, things will work out. Remember my morning plan?

Psalm 5: 3 NLT - Hear my voice god in the morning. Every morning I bring my request to you and hold out expectantly.

Midnight Prayer Points

"The heart and soul of Christ, sanctify me, the body of Christ, save me; the blood vessels of Christ, make me intoxicated; water of Christ's side, wash me; the suffering of Christ, strengthen me; oh yea good Jesus, hear me; Hide me personally in your wounds; be separated a person so that I will never see you; protect me from evil; call me when I die; come close to you and call me; with your saints I may be forever compliment you. amen

No weapon can be used against me and my family, prosper in Jesus name

Let bad spirits and demons burn and pass away in Jesus name

Let all brokers of darkness burn and scatter in Jesus name (12am and 3am prayers)

May all dark changes to me personally and my family be on open fire in the almighty name of Christ

I declare all dark covenants against me void in Jesus name

Anybody that makes evil sacrifices in the night because of me, fire of God, paralyze them, in Jesus name.

I uproot every weed the satan has planted around me in Christ name

I rebuke every kingdom of darkness against my life in Christ name

Strengthen my Father in Paradise and I with the blood of Jesus

Every force that wants to oppose me because of these praying, let the thunder and lightning of God, destroy them in Jesus name.

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