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3 Powerful & Uplifting Prayers For God’s Love & Mercy

Prayers of God's love

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind as you prepare to offer your prayers to God's love.

Prayer is a two-way street. You are the one who shares your deepest heart with the God of all creation in your daily language. Then be quiet and listen to what he has to say about retaliation. And look at the signs that God is speaking to you. You will notice them everywhere when you begin to open your spiritual eyes and ears.

You do not have to cling to these prayers. Use them as they are, or change them to suit you. Choose one as a daily prayer for this time of year, or change it as you wish.

You can say these prayers not only for God's love in your life but also in the lives of others. All you have to do is turn it around a bit.

A Bible verse or passage precedes each prayer. It helps to set the tone for the prayer. So when you go to pray for God's love, you can read these Bible verses as you enter His presence.


Lord God, there is no God like you in heaven or on earth. You, who faithfully keep your promises when I go with you; and they are always ready to receive me when I return and repent of my sins.

Lord, sometimes I listen to my treacherous heart and am tempted to think that you do not love me. Then I remember you revealing your unfailing love, which includes sending your only Son into the world.

He gave me the sacrifice of my sins to live for Him. And now I will be with you forever because of your great love and great sacrifice.

Father God, you loved me before I gave my life to you. Then, You gave Your Son for my sin. Knowing this, I have no doubt that you will give me every good gift because you have already given me the best gift.

Your love cannot be, Lord. Not now, not ever, and anything comparable or unimaginable. And because I am threatened by your love forever, I can overcome anything. It includes my doubts and fears.

Lord, I love you once. And because I am overcome by Your precious, mighty love for me, I lay down my life as a sacrifice of love back to You. Use me to love others, Lord, the way you love me. I pray in Jesus' precious, saving name. Amen.

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