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Things you when burning incense, so that the ancestors can respond, check details below (opinion)

None believes says the dead cannot speak but if you believe to your ancestors every dream and every greatful actions need to be interpreted, as they mybe a messages from your ancestors, if these messages or ancestors are ignored life may take a wrong turn

Incense is used in different ways, evil people use it with your ritual remains to communicate with your ancestors, they will tell them, how bad they do not wanted you to succeed, in some cases they will pretend to be you in your ancestors and they start inviting them

When ancestors give us a signs we have to act on it as soon as possible, because if the is someone that use bad medicine to capture the ancestors

they communicate with us by dreams, trying to show you that there is something wrong , it is important to consult a traditional healer when you don't understand your dreams

The are things your need to avoid when you're burning incense to communicate with your ancestors, incense is a very important traditional medicine

it was the first medicine that was shown to the traditional healer, incense can able to heal different illness and to chase away the evil spirit

In case of burning incense to communicate your ancestors, the are things that you should avoid so that your ancestors can respond

You need to make a difference between praying and communicating the ancestors when you're praying you're talking to God, you must close your eye

When you're burning incense you're talking with your ancestors, you must open your eyes

If the process of communicating the ancestors is not done well, ancestors won't respond, this small ritual need to be respected to be succeed, you must have a reason for communicating the ancestors

Source mkhize lwakhele, Mr Mavuka (traditional healers)

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