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Ways to develop the sixth sense | OPINION

If you have ever felt like people you know, close to or do not know at all were talking discussing you, or still are discussing you. There is a hundred (100%) probability or chance that you are correct. This is merely because of the God given intuition, the sixth sense.

The sixth sense can be simply defined as the ability to perceive, discern, comprehend and highly sense any phenomena without the usage of your physical being. It gives one the capability to understand anything happening around them by using natural forces such as intuition and non bodily senses.

This sense is available to every human being. As long as one is willing to be in touch with their sense of self and spiritual being. Developing the sixth sense can take some time, it needs proper self awareness and the ability to be fully in the moment. It is a divine experience that can take one's life into another dimension.

Ways to heighten your sixth sense include the following :

1. Connect with nature

There is nothing that connects humans to God like nature. It is pure, it is ethereal. Going to a park, looking at the sun or even watching the moon at night can do a lot in awakening the God in you.

2. Pray and meditate

Prayer and meditation can help one realise answers to the most complex questions. It automatically transfers your spirit to its roots, where its divine power arised from.

3. Observe everything around you

Notice, observe and question. The wisest and most intelligent people in the world do not know everything but ask the right questions about everything. Be a sociologist, and assimilate all that you see, how people interact around you, not with your mind, but with your heart and spirit. Eventually, it will bounce back to you, making sense more than ever.

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