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Female pastors makeup and dressing maybe enticing, check out the post of this prophetess: Opinion

When this post was made you can actually see that a lot of people that have commented here are men, and most of them they are not commenting anything except to say hi to the prophetess. You can see that already they have something in mind that has nothing to do with the reason why she is on Facebook.

Sometimes I think that our prophetess pastoress or female ministers in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, their dressing and makeup is improper. Their dressing sometimes can mislead men in church, not just a men in church, but it also can mislead women in church about how they should dress, and how they should look when they're in the presence of God. All these things that are happening within the body of Jesus Christ, we are going to answer for it. You know people of God used to have a problem with dressing like that, going to the house of God like that. It was when the gospel of truth was being preached, but people kept on deviating from those teachings bit by bit because that's how the devil works. It doesn't take a random process for the devil to take you out of the right things, he takes you out of the right things step-by-step, before you know you find yourself being comfortable with it.

Being comfortable with drinking, when you're a christian, you'll find yourself being comfortable with with you dressing half naked when you are a christian. You just find yourself comfortable with the valgas, when you're a rhristian, you'll find yourself being comfortable with going to clubs, when you are a christian. You always listen to world misic because that's how the devil takes a person out of the will of God, he takes a person out step by steep and before we know it, the whole church have no problem with that.

Before you know it the whole body of Jesus Christ is following the same pattern, now living in sin, the world invading the church. People need to bare in mind that, all these things we are going to account for them before the judgment seat of God. If a person can not dress that way when he or she is going to see the president of the nation, why should that person be comfortable to dress like that in the presence of God. Our priorities are not right. so I leave you to digest that, just comment below.

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