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Former devil worshiper reveals what happened to him after this happened, watch here

There has been stories about Devil worshipers for decades now and how they worship the darkness and drink people's blood, however that has been a hearsay as there has not been people who came forward and admitted to have been devil worshipers.

Now, in South Africa there is a satanic church that has been introduced, they however emphasized that, they do not kill people nor make them do something that they don't want.

A confession from a former devil worshiper has been making rounds on social media, tiktok to be precise.

The man, shared that all his life, he was e devil worshiper who drank animal blood and he would often cut himself and drink his own blood.

He explained that one day, he heard music from the outside and when he went to check what was happening, something pushed him away from the people who were singing.

He believes that, it was God fighting him.

What is your take in this?

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