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Churches Demolished By Tshwane Metro Police: Only 34 Churches Recognized

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How did we get here as a nation? How did we get to where there are structures of government that give orders to demolish churches while there are beer halls and night clubs on almost all the corners of this country?

One cannot help but ask these questions given the fact that churches are not being demolished by criminals or by the "hungry" South Africans but by the very same government that THE CHURCH also took part in voting for.


According to a video by AMTV 7 news, pastors from different provinces converged in Bronkhorstspruit, north of Pretoria to look for answers as to why the Faith Miracle Centre under the leadership of one Bishop Mbongiseni Khoza was demolished unlawfully in Dark City. The joint operation between the Tshwane Metro Police department and the private security company PCP group which has been contracted by the municipality saw them do away with the property of the church.


The different church leaders who had gathered to get answers sought to recover the property from the Tshwane Metro Police Department (also known as the TMPD). However, they got a response they did not expect from the liason officer of the TMPD land invasion unit.

Advocate Moafrika wa Maila, speaking on behalf of the pastors who were present said the following to a gentleman referred to in the video as Mr Baloyi

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"... we are having a challenge, that the church of Mr Mbongiseni Khoza in Dark City was demolished. It was demolished by the PCP security company and when the PCP security company was demolishing it, they served a notice..." According to the Moafrika wa Maila, although the notice was served - there was no court order issued. He continued "... In South Africa, we are not a banana republic here. We are a country with the law. The law says when you want to demolish any structure or evict any person, you need a court order." It is bekiveed that if the Bishop and the church denomination in question was given the proper procedure by the municipality or any structure that is responsible for that he would have been defended lawfully or chosen to adhere to what would be stated in the court order.


In response, Mr Baloyi the liason officer of the TMPD land invasion unit said the following "... The City has got a. contract with PCP and then the work of the PCP is to prevent any land invasion". The liason officer went on to reveal that they have demolished a lot of churches which would hold services in tents. Apparently, there was a meeting with government officials (which Mr. Baloyi refered to as MINISTERS) whereby they agreed that there are only 34 churches that will be recognized and no new churches would be there.


The question is, what criteria was used to recognize and come to the conclusion that only the 34 chrches will remain? Is this decision not a violation to the Right to Freedom of religion or belief?

The mind boggling part of the statement that was made by Mr Baloyi is that ministers were complaining that the erection of tents and those churches were a breeding ground for crime and robberies. Could this be true?

Are beer halls being closed or demolished because of the crimes that arise within the radius of their location?


What do you think is the real story behind the demolition of churches in South Africa?

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