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Pastor Mukhuba Got In Trouble After She Got Caught Handcuffs In Camera By The Police

Pastor Mukhuba Got In Trouble After She Got Caught Handcuffs In Camera By The Police. Mzansi Want To Know What Is Her Crime

Mzansi Want to know about the arrest of Pastor Makhuba. There is video of her being arrested by the police in social media making rounds. It's not clear as why she was being arrested. In a video Pastor Mukhuba was forced to enter to the police vehicle without shoes. She was not wearing shoes during the time of her arrest.

The patriotic Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba who has been looking after the people in various ways the evidence of her ministry is many lives changed. She has led many to Christ, marriages restored, relationships between parents and children restored. Many go to sleep with full stomachs, it is because of her Ministry.

Pastor Mukhuba has been trending in twitter and her followers are not pleased on what the police has done. Her followers in twitter want to know What is her vrime really.

 Her followers are not happy aboutbthe what they seeing in the clip. Sje was being harrased by the police who are facing her to get inside police ven. Here are some of their concerns:

"I now know the truth about Christ, how to pray and to live a Holy life that pleases my father in Heaven. What has Ps Mukhuba done?"

"What is it that Pastor Mukhuba did? what is her crime? @JoburgMPD please enlighten us, we want to know why were you arresting Pastor Mukhuba and treating her like a criminal."

"She is guitly of refusing to sit back and watch while the people of God are suffering, hundreds of thousands of people, millions even have been healed and delivered through her prayers, she makes sure that those in need are taken care of, children get education through her."

"@JoburgMPD if you continue to harrass the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba, where will all these people go? Who will stand and and pray for us? We have found our refuge at Pastor Mukhuba 'church, we want #justiceforPastorMukhuba what she does for the people of God cannot be ignored"

Some those who have been healed by her have taken steps to go in twitter and testify about what she has done in their life.

"#WhatisherCrime In 2007 when I got to know about Pastor Mukhuba's church.I was declared barren by medical reports. She didn't know me but she prayed for me and today I have 3 beautiful children. So is this what the government is fighting for? That people must remain in suffering?"

"She teach us knowledge and understanding. She does not compromise the truth. It is because of her teachings that I know about the doors that the devil use to access us. Now I have closed those doors and living a peaceful life."

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