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13 Pictures : Does he know something we do not, Man rebuilds Noah's Ark according to the Bible.

One man has rebuilt Noah's Ark, from the original bible story, However people are not happy.

The bible talks about many huge world changing events, however the great flood which happens early in the book of Genesis, has to be one of the biggest ones. In the story God commands Noah to build a huge ark and take one of each animal onto it as he was about to flood the earth and kill every other living thing. However, while that happened in the bible, one man has taken the time and a huge amount of money to rebuild the ark. Which leaves me with one question. Does he know something that we do not.

Rebuilding the Ark :

The Ship was built in Kentucky (United States) and is a replica of the original Noah's Ark according to the Bibles instructions. The project costed over a hundred million dollars to build. However it's seems that much of that money came from donations. The boat however is not just empty, instead it's built with models inside of the animals, with the designer even going as far as adding dinosaurs. It's open for people to visit and see what it was like to live on the Ark during the great flood. So what was the purpose of building the boat and does he know something we do not.

Will the boat sail again :

Just like replicas of the Titanic, this was built as more of a curiosity piece. There is no indication that the designer had gotten special instructions from God to build the boat, the is even a chance that it may not float. Instead the Boat now sits in the middle of a theme park and is a educational experience for the Religious. While it's good thought, people did have their own opinions on the boat.

As we can see a lot of people were not happy about the Ark being built, with many calling a huge waste of money and believing that the one hundred million dollars spent could be put to something better. However everyone is entitled to their opinion so what do you think of this, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news daily.

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