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South African well known Pastor passed away

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God has designed death in a mysterious way , in a way that he the only one who can decide on what can happen in other people’s life and also on whether they can still enjoy time here in the world or not , it is only God who decides such things here in the world in the meantime . That’s how things are continuing to operate

Even the Servants of God who preaches the Gospel of God to us on a daily basis cannot at any time claim that they know how God plan to make them survive here on earth, there is no one at all who can claim such thing . It is the secret of which is known by God only ans only him and there is no one who can intervene to push further on these matters

At Some points , during our times here on earth , God allows and permit us to start so many things here on earth of which some of these things we will never be the ones to fully enjoy the fruits or to eat from these investments , but such things are bound to happen in that proper manner from time to time . That’s how things are always Supposed to be from time to time.

The Man of God passing on is leaving behind a very big church behind him of which he is the founder of the ministry and natured it to the rightful direction , today things are looking differently into the matter

I personally think the biggest lesson we get from all these things is to ensure that we balance our lives ans selves in every small chance which we get here on earth as we don’t know how God is planning our lives here on earth.

Another big lesson which we get with everyone is the fact that it’s only God who designs our lives here on earth, irregardless of the position you have or occupy , to the ears of God we all appear to be more of the dame thing all the time . Very much important ans powerful all the times

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