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The girl who lives in a bowl

The girl who lives in a bowl.

 Everyone is special in their way and everyone is gifted in their way.

We live in a matrix where one can not tell what tomorrow brings.

Rahma Haruna a 24-year-old woman from Kano, Nigeria was born a healthy baby when her mom gave birth when she turned six months old her growth came to a sudden halt and she stopped hitting key development milestones.

She was born without limps living her life in a plastic bowl. Her family takes good care of her they carry her wherever she wishes to.

"The plastic bowl is put on top of the wheelchair because sometimes it is tiring to carry her for a long distance with just the bowl," said her sister.

Rahma was born with a rare condition that even the doctors failed to make sense of it.

Some of the doctors that Rahman's parents went to, told them that their daughter is cursed by jinns- a supernatural being in Islam mythology.

"They take care of me everything I need they give me," said Rahma

"I help her in many ways bathing is the major one and I take her outside every day," said Rahma's brother 

Rahman brother added 

"I feel happy when I see people helping her sometimes I take her to our relatives to visit them and she likes that a lot "

Besides being born without limps Rahma is a happy soul a free spirit with a child-like voice when she speaks.

"From six months when she learned how to sit that was when it began she didn't learn how to crawl, she started with a fever and that was it then stomach pains. She can't use her arms or legs they ache" said Fadi Haruna Rahmas's mother.

Hussaini Haruna Rahmas father said

"I have spent more than 19 years in search of the cure I farm, go to the markets, and lots more looking for work to pay her bills ."

I have sold almost everything in my possession and I have spent more than 1 million Naira so far. We have gone places with her mother looking for medicine " said Hussaini Rahmas father.

Besides her condition, her parents raised her very well treating her like any other child.

I thank god for everything. I want to open a business grocery store that sells everything that is all I want to be said Rahma.

Everyone was born for a reason and everyone deserves the kind of love that Rahma gets from her family and relatives.


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