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A Prayer for all the ladies affected by Gender Based Violence #GBV

Father, in the wonderful name of Jesus, we come before you on this day with hope that you shall answer our prayers, we come to you O' Lord with heavy hearts, minds filled with distress and discourage, May you heal us O' Lord, heal you land Father, hear your children's cries, see their blood being wasted, see them die in the hands of men even in the hands of their life partners, Lord your promises are yes and amen, enough is enough Lord Father, your children are bleeding internally, they are harmed O God, their mental health is at stake, their voices are not heard, Father we beg you to please heal thy Land, cleanse your children O God, you said through your wounds and stripes we are healed but father we are still in pain, we are still suffering, women and children O God, see them beg for mercy in the hands of men, see them cry endlessly, they are bitten O Lord, they are raped father, they are murdered or God, they are burnt Lord Jesus, their pains are as sharp as a sword, the cry of a mother when her child is no more is the worst pain of them all. Deliver us from evil, deliver us from the hands of men, deliver us from abusive relationship Lord, give us stregnth to overcome the tragedy that has befallen on us, give us peace and unity O Lord, for those who are still stuck in toxic relationships give them wisdom and strength to leave that relationship. We are praying for our men to stop hurting women O God, we pray that you teach them how to have mercy O God, we pray that the devil shall no longer use them O God, we pray that they shall heal from whatever that is causing them to be this way Lord Father, enough is enough dear God, there should no longer be blood shared in this Land, the families and communities who have lost a loved one in such tragedy we pray they shall gain closure and justice and Lord you shall guide them to move on and to heal, Give them strength Lord Father give them peace Jesus, they have endured so much pains and sufferings enough is enough O Lord, forgive us for all we have sinned O God, Forgive the nation, forgive the young and the old from the sins they know and those they do not know, cleanse us Lord father and help us in this predicament of GENDER BASED VIOLENCE O Lord, be with us now and forever more, hear and answer our prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,Amen and Amen.

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