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Prayer: Dear Father, Please Deliver Me From All The Battles That Are Greater Than Me

People in Christian circles tend to think of deliverance as simply exorcising demons from a person's possessions. Unbelievers can agree, but believers in Christ can't share the throne with the devil in the minds of their followers. He is the source of all light, and there is no darkness in Him.

According to John 1:5, light can never be overcome by darkness once it has come into existence. My firm view is that when Christ enters the life of a sinner, at the point of salvation, His light beams in and repels all types of darkness, unless the salvation is not true.

According to King Saul, who was a born-again Christian, it is conceivable for someone who was once a believer to fall back on their faith and become possessed by demons.

An evil spirit overtook Saul when the Holy Spirit left him. That was possible because God's spirit had risen to the surface.

What does it mean for a believer to be freed? The act of saving a person who can't win without help is called rescue. If you're fighting a conflict that's beyond your abilities, you'll need help. According to Psalm 18, Psalm 17:17:

"He saved me from my fiercest adversary and those who wished to harm me, because they were too powerful for me to overcome."

When you meet opponents you can easily handle, God will ask you to deal with them while He watches. In the event that a mountain stands in your way, He will instruct you on how to get it moving. But if you suddenly find yourself encircled by opponents that are too powerful for you, God will intervene and provide you with help.

When they put Daniel in the lions' den, this is what happened. God sent an angel to save Daniel from the lions because he realized that the conflict was beyond Daniel's physical capabilities. Are you battling opponents who are more powerful, wiser, or mightier than you? Today, the Lord will intervene on your behalf and deliver you from your current predicament. In order to get him to you, he will strike at the enemy's weakest place.

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