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God, help us to keep the bond of unity in Christ

One of the characteristics of the early Church was its ability to care for one another. They exercised genuine love and feelings among themselves. They also had reciprocal engagement and friendly ties to the point where no one left the other behind in anything. Their affection was Christ-like. They shared both spiritual and material blessings; no one was left behind, and everyone was provided for according to his or her desperate requirements.

According to Scripture, the early Christians committed themselves to the apostles' teaching and companionship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. They dedicated their lives to acts of worship. Today's believers must learn the act of worship from the early Church. They persisted, everyone ensuring that his Christian brother/sister is carried along to the point where they communicate to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual music.

Genuine compassion for one another reflects Christ's character in us. Jesus was doing good wherever He went. The early believers imitated and displayed this by not just gathering together, but also by selling expensive items and giving them to those in need. The Church of the twenty-first century appears to be weak or underperforming in this area. Most believers today are self-centered, materialistic, and primarily concerned with their personal well-being. The emphasis of this lesson is on the need of us supporting one another in this celestial race.

We rely on one another for advice, support, and encouragement. We shall prosper and be together in God's kingdom if we perform acts of worship to God.

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