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Prophet Makandinwa reveals great revelation about ‘bowing of knee”

Prophet Makandinwa reveals great revelation about ‘bowing of knee”

For ages since, pastors and teacher as well as many believers have always read and understood a popular verse of the Bible in Philippians 2:10 (KJV) that says “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow...” in a particular way of kneeling down and worshipping God.

While this is not entirely wrong interpretation of the verse of the Bible, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa shared a deep revelation behind the word and popular interpretation. “Many people think that the knee that is mentioned in the portion of scripture above only signifies worship, explained the Zimbabwean prophet. “But there is a greater revelation.”

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa revealed that a knee is a problem's breaking point. In other words, your problem is about to come an end when it reaches the knee point at the mention of Jesus’ name. there is a point- the breaking point when the problem gives way because it can stand again under the pressure of the Name of Jesus.

No matter how tough your situation is, it has a knee that bends when it is presented before JESUS, said the man of God. Yet, what is key here, according to the prophet, is for the believer to be able to locate the breaking point of any problem.

“May you locate the breaking point of your problem in JESUS' name,” Makandinwa prayed.

In other words, the man of Gos is encouraging beleivers and anyone who is undergoing difficult times never to give up or let it go, because the problem has an expiry and it will break on its own if we do not give up and give strength. Do not embrace your problem. Put the pressure of faith and prayer upon it.

Simply put, if we try enough and hold on for awhile, we can actually wear out our problems. This is an indication that we are stronger than our challneges. They might prove stubborn, but we are stronger. We may feel some pains but we must never let pain dictate to us. At the breaking point, we have relief with victory, if we do not give up.


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