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There Is No Special Offering To God In The World That Is More Precious Than Thanksgiving

Today, we'll look at the Weeks and Trumpets Feasts, as well as the Day of Atonement. What they stood for will be more important to us than how they were honored. When we achieve anything, we are usually ecstatic, which can be expressed in a variety of ways. God gave instructions to Israel on how to celebrate their agricultural success and large yields.

The Feast of Weeks marked the first fruits of their agrarian culture, with the best of their harvests offered to God as sacrifices. Some attribute their success to chance or a random event, while others attribute it to hard labor. Every believer should be taught that he is not the consequence of a random process. Chance occurrences are best used in the gambling sector to determine whether or not a bet will be successful.

We are also encouraged to work hard in order to achieve our goals. We are aware, however, that not everyone who works hard is successful. Ascribing our success to our own hard work only serves to make us (man) the focal point and exclusive source of success, and we, as a result, take the credit. Those who attribute success to chance or hard labor are removing God from their accomplishments. Rather than God, they worship their ideologies. The easiest way to describe them is as idol worshippers.

God, as the one and only Creator, has predetermined the order of His creation. Everything good must be credited to God, not chance or ourselves. James 1:17 and Psalm 127:1-2 Believers should remember to thank God for their good fortune and accomplishments so that they might enjoy Him and give Him credit. Believers who are billoniares, professors in their fields, technocrats, researchers, and everyone else who claims to have made it in life should offer God honor because they can accomplish nothing without him (John 15:5). What have you thanked God for today? Thank Him for saving your soul.

God's presence was strongly apparent during the Feast of Trumpets as He entered into covenant with Israel. Israel promised to obey God and do everything he asked of them (Leviticus 23:23-27). As a result, Israel was invited to participate in the Day of Atonement. This feast culminates in Jesus' offer of the new covenant in His blood to those who accept it. The Day of Atonement, considered the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, was a meeting where atonement was made for both personal and national Israel.

Christ, who made the ultimate sacrifice for the world's sins, fulfilled the sacrifices performed on thar day. Have you been forgiven of your sins as a result of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross? Value God for whom He has created you to be and for making you His child through Christ Jesus.

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