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Check what people noticed while this girl was being baptized that caused a stir on social media

As a Christian religious ceremony, sprinkling water on a person's forehead or immersing them in water represents purification or regeneration and entry into the Christian Church. Baptism is often followed by the bestowing of a name to young children in various denominations.

"The Sacrament of Baptism"

Baptism is a public statement of faith in the gospel message. It also symbolizes the sinner's admission into Christian community (the church).

The old self was crucified with Christ (by death's rivers), and now Jesus' followers have risen with him in "newness of life" (Romans 6:3-11).

God provides for us and makes all of the blessings that Jesus won for us on the cross our own via baptism. Through baptism, God provides and grants forgiveness of sins and eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ! Baptism is more than just a public confession of faith in Jesus.

The church will present you with a baptismal robe to wear over your clothes. Wear something comfortable underneath the robe if it gets wet.

It is not advisable to wear light-colored clothing, such as pants.

Because baptism is such a joyful event, guests should wear appropriate attire. Colors that are bright, such as pastel tones or white, perform well. Bolder hues like yellow, orange, apricot, or red are also suitable for baptism attendees. Flower, striped, or dot-patterned gowns are also appropriate.

In the context of baptism, a photo of a little girl being baptized sans her t-shirt went popular on social media, prompting many concerns. Some people even observed someone piping behind the tree, but I'm sure it's a church member, what do you think? Do you want to be baptized in this way?, Or it's something you'd prefer to avoid.

As a fellow Christian do you think this was an appropriate baptism or something needs to be changed.


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