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An ancestral prophet talks about a comedian celebrity. Here is what he said should be done


Today this prophet wants everyone to pray for this comedian celebrity who is know as Trevor noah,

He never spoke of what will happen of we don’t pray for him, however this prophet is known of prophecy the only bad things and never give solutions, A prophet should normalise telling people what will happen and also what they should do if this happens that is what we call a solution, He also prophecy last year about shona fergurson and that there will be something bad which will happen and he told his wife that she should tighten the security not stating how.

Now the problem is that twitters people always says that he only prophecy to rich people only, or celebrity who won’t even notice him because they are busy making money in order to maintain their self.

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, television host and a political commentator, He is the most of the Daily show, also an American satirical news, whom everyone was requested to pray for.

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