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The Man Did Not Sit on Air For Hours, See the Trick he Did That Made People Believed He Sat On Air.

Goodday my people!

Permit me to do a little mental magic on you.

The closer one looks at magic, the less one can see. Yes. Yes, gentlemen. Yes. If you're the guy who gets swallowed, you're in big trouble, because those magicians will rip you to shreds if they use their sleight of hand to convince you to give them your money and possessions.

LMagic is, to reasonable minds, nothing more than science. I recently demonstrated how a man deceived people into believing he was walking on air. Now I'll describe another magician's ability to convince people that he has been in the air for hours. However, what about the magicians and air show?

Regardless, I saw a video depicting how this magician deceived inquisitive bystanders into believing he could sit comfortably for hours in the air today. Is it even possible?

Watch the video here tell me what you think.

See screenshots of the video below:

If you look closely, you can see how astonished the audience was as they witnessed the extraordinary occurrence unfold before their eyes. Two people had to determine whether the man was sitting on a solid surface or on air.

But suppose... What? This individual appeared to be floating in midair. Some individuals were so captivated by his extraordinary magical skill that they began to place money in his basket.

Finally, the truth has arrived. At first sight, it may appear like he is floating in mid-air, but in reality, it is quite difficult for humans to maintain this position. The shrewd magician needed only to take a seat within his baggy pants, away from the prying eyes of naive passersby, in order to conceal himself.

This flexible seat is worn on a single leg, and that leg's shoe and seat are suspended above solid flooring. This material supports the user while he is seated or moving.

Watch this video to discover how to accomplish it.

A man displays the design and operation of a similar adjustable seat in the video.

Return to the other video of our magician after viewing this one. The most striking characteristic is that he never moved his right leg, indicating that he was wearing the 'leg bench.' Second, he hung a piece of carpet on the floor to keep the metal plate covered.

In this manner, my friends, the magician reassured his audience that he was doing marvels while sitting comfortably on the chair.

I'm sure you initially believed he was sitting on air. You've learned your lesson. You've learned your lesson.

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