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RIP: Sad moments as this angel is reported she drowned in the pool[0]=AZUzU2f8um84YfDAAIWb9K1D4PmPg1bhvVNg-oe4GIBQbTPsHjccdfshE5Z4lDIU8UJtKXsjIsf6yckyn6omOghBbsiRyoSvQEzX-MPwk16Q5KOJAD6ajX9IcFSCTFPZfUHO0PvmLmY9sty66Zol8zb6Bd8bSfw5fFLuWQFhq_Vs33lBKBcnZF6nlCW-Nv_beWY&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

The little girl is reported has gone for an eternal vacation, a journey of no return, we will never see her again in this life except on photos and other memories. To loose a girl child especially at this age is the most painful thing ever. As much as giving birth or parenting a baby girl is the most amazing experience ever, imagine the loss.

Looking at this girl, she could be someone preparing for grade1. I can't imagine what her parents are going through right now. Perhaps plans were made for her to attend best schools, she may have been graduated from the creche. At this moment, the parents already know her talents, her strength and weaknesses, some how may have already seen what she will be in life, but unfortunately here comes tragedy. What an unexpected turn, may the Lord comfort them.

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