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Why some worshippers cry on every song? Opinion

For those of you who attend church, you may have seen these several times. It's not every worshipper that cries everytime when singing a worshiping song. There are other people that are always emotional when they pray, it doesn't matter whether, they're thanking God, they are requesting for His intervention on something, they are opening the service or they are closing the service. The moment they begin to pray, they just cry. Then there are those that don't care whether, it is a praising song or a whooping song. The moment that they just begin to sing, they cry.

I guess this one cannot be easily answered by anyone, except the people that are doing that themselves. I think we have all cried once or twice, and some of us still do sometimes in prayer, and sometimes in worship. They are certain situations or a certain mood of the service that, one cannot be able to resist no matter how emotionally strong is that person.

Then there are those songs that can remind you of where you are coming from, or where God took you from. Every time when the song is being sung, there is a playback of things, there is a rewind, there is reverse, your memory begin to recall certain things or certain places where the Lord has rescued you from.

There are people that God has healed from severe sicknesses. They return at the mouth of the grave. There are people that God saved from severe poverty, a high level of lack that, they could not even afford the last pack of salt. There are those that God has delivered from demonic attacks, they come from families where the witchcraft is so strong. Everybody that is in their families is traumatised by certain spirit. God took them out.

There are those that found a job, the moment they found God. There are those that found marriage, the moment they found God. There are those that found success, the moment they found God. Rhere are those that found peace, the moment they found God.

So they are a lot of things or reasons that can make people cry, but then there are those that are being abused at their homes. So singing now becomes the front cover that they hide behind. They hide behind a song, so that people cannot be able to interpret their emotions. It will look like they're being blessed by the song or the song is touching them, not knowing that the same song is used as a cover up for the things that they are going through in life. It can also be the case, but in most of the times, people cry because they are touched by God.

They are overwhelmed by His deeds. They are overwhelmed by his love and Grace. They are showing a certain level of appreciation that money can't buy, that no gift can ever equate. Their emotions to what they feel about God are heavier than silver and gold. It is mostly appreciation to God for what He has done for them, those are my reasons.

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