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What should be done when accepting the gift

What should be done when accepting the gift ?

Those who belong on their mothers side

*As spiritual person you need an elder to communicate with your ancestors for you to ensure that your ancestors has heard that you have accepted your gift/calling.

And to introduce you in the right way ,so that your ancestors can know they get connected to you .

For and why they communicate with your ancestors or appeasing them on behalf of who 

From your mother's side ,your uncle or mother can appead the ancestors do they know that you have accepted and want to embark on these journey

And as elder of the family will teach you the ways of how you do your things in the family. and what is used to appead the ancestors. and how do you greet them and which inner do you call upon them so they can be near and hear what you ask of them .

What is used to introduce a Spiritual child to ancestors ?

As we come from different homes/families meaning we have different ways of doing on tradition and customs 

As a spiritual child you need to pay attention to what is done by your elders to know the right way to appead your ancestors also they way they talk is the way you will address them whenever you phahla cause now remember we are different from different families 

Ways of appeasing your ancestors ?

Most families uses goats, chicken and sheep's to appease their ancestors so you need to know which animal do you use so you cannot make mistakes .

To be considered 👏👏

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