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"The Lord spoke to me yesterday, here is what he said (Prophet Fadzai)

If there's one thing that the prophets have taught us as children of God, whether false prophets or true prophets of God, they have taught us how to connect with the spiritual world. We can connect to the demonic world if the men of God is fake, we can connect to the spirit of God if the men of God is real.

So these guys have taught us how to connect to the realm of the spirit, that is why you see even on the comments, there are people that are commenting that "they connect" by faith. There will say that because people are taught by the prophets how to connect to the spirit world, how to connect to a certain wave or certain move of the spirit. When the spirit moves, it moves according to the demands of the season. It's like in this instance, you may not know the man of God where he is, where could he be located, how far he is from you? You may not have money to fly to go and see him, but you can connect to him by your spirit.

When you connect by your spirit, you expose yourself to the spirit that he carries. It's either God touches you or the devil.

“The Lord spoke to me yesterday and said “You have entered the season of OPEN HEAVENS”-I am excited to experience this fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit and Grace. Be part of this divine move by Faith in Jesus Christ name!”- Prophet Fadzai.

It is biblical because if you read the word of God in the book of Exodus, where God anointed the 72 leaders that were going to help Moses to lead the children of Israel, they were not anointed by the spirit of God, but they were anointed by the spirit of Moses. God anointed Moses first and the spirit of Moses anointed the leaders. So these prophets have been made available by God for everybody to tap into their anointing and sometimes they even get attacked by demons because of that availability in the realm of the spirit, that is why when you are a prophet or a man of God that deals with the spiritual world you need to be very prayerful.

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