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Prayer: I Reject Every Blessing With Sorrow In Jesus Name

"And he granted their desire, but he instilled leanness in their hearts." Psalm 106:15

Read: Genesis 16:1-5 

Many individuals have burned their fingers in the pursuit of an alternative to God's promise. When God's promise appears to be delayed, some Christians lack the courage to wait on the Lord and hang on to His promise; as a result, they seek out and accept man's substitute for God's valuable promises. Man's alternative not only takes you off God's path and provides you with fast remedies that can't actually heal anything, but it also provides you with monetary joy that can't make up for your pain. 

Sarah had a similar experience. In today's Bible reading, Sarah was glad and relieved that her problem of barrenness looked to be addressed after she gave her maid, Hagar, to Abraham to raise children via her. But, when her happiness went to sorrow, her relief quickly turned to anguish. According to Genesis 16:4, "And he went in to Hagar, and she conceived; and when she realized that she had conceived, she detested her mistress."

Sarah took excellent care of Hagar, knowing that she would be used as a means to a goal. She spared her from the customary chores that her fellow maids would complete for the sake of childbearing. The tables turned against Sarah the moment Hagar conceived. Suddenly, everyone's focus moved to the new house queen. Everything and everyone had to be at her disposal. 

She had lost all respect for her mistress. She used her pregnancy as an excuse for terrible misbehavior now that she got what Abraham so desperately desired. She absorbed Abraham's attention to the point where the poor guy no longer had time for Sarah. "Madam, if you were ever pregnant, you would understand what I am going through," she would tell her mistress when she was rebellious and her mistress sought to correct her. That was the start of Sarah's grief."

You will only injure yourself if you get tired of waiting for God's will, plan, or timing and opt to follow one of the alternatives that come your way. You may not undo yourself with your own hands! When God benefits you, he takes away all sadness (Proverb 10:22), but whatever benefit you believe you'll get from replacing God's plan with something else will be fleeting and will almost certainly be accompanied by grief. 

Some people have suffered because they were aware of God's will in marriage but chose to ignore it in order to obey the dictates of their flesh. Today, a large number of them are silently crying. They can't scream because they were warned before entering such marriages, yet their ears were deafeningly. Take the time to discover God's will for every aspect of your life and to ostensibly obey it. You'll see why that was the best decision you ever made in years to come.

It is preferable not to be blessed than to be blessed and suffer as a result of it.

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