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LUCIFER(Illuminati), The Lost Son Of Heaven

There is a character that goes back deep in history as a very dodgy character who deceives people. He has a kind of swagga to him because of his notorious nature and heavenly looks. The Lord gave Satan the most beautiful face and body in heaven, Satan was the most beautiful angel in heaven. The Lord gave him such looks because he wanted to compensate for the pride that he knew that the devil had. He also gave the devil the most beautiful voice of anyone that had ever existed on Earth or in heaven. The devil was a very dodgy character in heaven because he was always scheming with other dodgy angels before they knew what sin actually was. This resulted in Satan eventually being thrown down to the Earth. He currently lives here on Earth and has built quite a reputable empire. The devil is known for organisation's like the Illuminati, an organization that recruiters people of knowledge and wisdom to lead the world forward. They do this to please Satan which is fine if you're cool with being evil. This is because he will start asking you for favors which will end up killing your heart, this is so that you can be able to stand being in his company. It's not really his fault, it's just the way he is because of the way that he was created and the way that he lived his life. He's just playing his role on this planet. Imagine if the world had no Satan, it would be a little boring because all the people would be the same.

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