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Importance of doing a cleansing especially running water especially when gifted person

Once in a while we need cleansing especially running water . to cleanse away all the negetive energies.. 

Water alone have got that power to purify our bodies that gets contaminated with lot of things .. 

Negetive energies that is not been delt with keep on building up. Untill it affects your Spiritual connection. 

* dreaming but you can't remember then in the morning

* Loss of connection to your Ancestors

Take charge especially if you are a gifted person of your life......

Always seek to do better.

For every season its important to cleanse yourselves once in a while.

Every break up you have you need to cleanse to avoid Spiritual ties.......

Also after any toxic break up relationship you went trough to avoid attracting the very same person.

When you notice that your things in life are not adding up its important to hlola and take it from there. 

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