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Many of our ancestors were poor

Many of our ancestors were poor. Best believe they don’t want their children to suffer the way they did. Many were traumatized by war, colonization and slavery.

I know they don’t want this as their legacy. So I ask you African child, what are you doing to heal these wounds in our elders? How are you making them proud? Some were drunkards and abusers.

They are waiting for you to heal that wound so they can elevate. Others were murderers and they certainly don’t want you following in their footsteps.

You see when we do right, not only to we make them proud but we restore humanity in those places where they lost it. Ubuntu means I am well if you are well also.

In the spiritual space it means when we are well and do well then our ancestors are well also. that kindred is ancestral healing- simply put. How y’all doing this thrive Sunday?

Thrive so they may thrive. As above so below 💕👏🏿🙏🏿. Let there be Light. You are Loved beyond measure. You remain their wildest dreams and greatness.

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