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The Consequences Of Being A Busybody In Another Man's Business

To grasp what God is teaching us today, we need a deeper understanding of Proverbs 22:29. To put it plainly, God is requesting that we be careful in our own business. Anyone who is overly invested in another person's personal life is a busybody, and they will not be rewarded for it.

My mother used to be so harsh with me when I was a kid and would punish me for playing too much. She'd tell me to go into the house and read my books right away. She would tell me that she was not called to mind other people's affairs if I objected that I was being singled out for severe treatment while other children were playing. I praise God for my mother's diligence in handling the business that the Lord entrusted to her. “My child, you are my business; I will mind you and not other people's business,” she would remark.

A person wastes his or her life when he or she is unsure of what to do with it. Please keep in mind that time wasted is time lost. The simplest way to waste a life is to do nothing worthwhile with it. Paul could confidently tell the Church in Thessalonica that he and his crew did not survive on the generosity of others.

“........ that we might not be chargeable to any of you: Not because we have no power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us,” he said in 2 Thessalonica 3:8-9. Paul even went so far as to admonish the Church that any so-called brother or sister who refused to work should not be permitted to eat from the brethren's shared food!

The poor in our midst would be nourished, but they would also be taught to work with their hands, beloved. This has been the Church's tradition since the beginning (2 Thessalonica 3:6 & 10). Some people are so picky that they believe there are no work options while, in fact, there are plenty of positions available.Their issue is that they are looking for certain "white collar employment" that may or may not exist. The truth is that if you can't find job in your chosen career or trade, you can try something else. Learn from Paul, a lawyer who worked as a tent maker to supplement his income when the churches he established were unable to support the cost of his missionary work (Acts 22:3, Acts 18:3).

One of my sons told me about a young lady who ate from the church's food pantry. He tried to find her a cleaning position at the church, but she turned it down, saying it was not dignified enough. Cleaners, ironically, were among those who contributed to the pocketbook where her needs were addressed. May you never underestimate the door of opportunity that God opens in Jesus' name for you.

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