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Kings of the water anyone who has this spirit must not think they are cursed

These are kings of the water anyone who has this spirit must not think they are cursed but know that he/she is called for Kingship and must consider themselves fortunate.

Although to most people it ends up being a curse to possess this spirit. It’s true that this spirit can make your life a hell if you are disobedient and refusing to accept the calling.

Some of those with such spirit have been to different churches trying to silence or convert this spirit into working in church but they have failed and it is impossible to convert this spirit.

Water Spirits can refer to the spirit or the snake that controls the spirit. When people are talking about this they might be referring between the two, though there are also people who are called in that way.

Some people they call it water spirit, although it is not just water spirit it is also the snake including the people who live under the water.

When you have water spirit you will feel like running or going without knowing where you are going to. During the night it happens more and as if someone is calling you if you are sleeping your body will feel very cold on one side normal or as if someone cold is sleeping next to you.

Constant headaches, which are not curable by any western doctor but by only the specific herbs will be a normal thing.

Dreaming walking in the wilderness, rivers, the sea and big snakes will be a normal thing to happen if you have this spirit.

Nothing will go right in your life if u have Inzuza till you accept the calling and go to a right initiator for initiation.

One with such spirit will struggle to have a stable relationship or even a stable job basically they can lose everything. When you have this spirit you will definitely have to go for initiation, otherwise you might end up dying or losing your mind. 

Some people with water spirit they end up taken by snakes under water for initiation .

and unfortunately because our relatives are ignorant of the rituals that are supposed to be done when one is taken by water spirit.

once you are taken you will die or never come back end up living with people of spirit.

Our elders have completely forsaken our culture and they are most of them are ignorant, when one is taken by water spirit they are also very ignorant of what is supposed to be done thus leading to the one taken not to come back or die.

There are people of water spirit who have their language and have their own place. Some of those people have mixed with us and have become part of us after all one is born with the spirit.

The people of water spirit are people who stay under water and live there though some have integrated among us thus causing their spirit to be among us.

it is very difficult to find a right place for initiation when you have this spirit.

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