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Great And Greater Praise Will Be Manifest

Read: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

"Truly, an apostle's signs were accomplished among you in all patience, in signs, wonders, and tremendous works." 2 Corinthians 12:12

Because of the new thing that God has promised to do, we will see greater and greater acclaim in the future.

Simeon awaited the Lord's promised salvation, since the Lord had promised, 'I will bring My salvation to Israel, which shall be to all the earth,' and praise God, Christ was born in Simeon's day, and Simeon was escorted to the temple and saw Him.

"Now, let Your servant go in peace, for my eyes have witnessed the Lord's mercy," he exclaimed as he lifted the infant before the Lord.

Lord, grant me grace to remain to see this new thing You are bringing about on the globe, should be your prayer. Please, Lord, grant it to me. I want to stay, Lord, so that I can witness this.

"Because the position the Lord is about to give you, Paul, is so high, the Lord is putting you through many processes, including suffering, to prepare you for the lofty position you will get from God.

People will recognize your qualifications, wisdom, knowledge, insight, works, and sufferings for God, and they will recognize that you actually deserve the exalted position that the Lord has bestowed upon you.

Those who are more senior in faith and service will not question why the Lord chose a younger believer to lead them."

What God is doing today by letting what He is allowing on you is for Himself, because of what He must do, and because He does not want people to criticize Him in the future by saying, "Ah!" How could You come and elevate someone younger in faith and ministry over us, given that some of us may have been in the religion for sixty years or more?

As a result, I'm putting you through a qualifying course as a result of your tomorrow, as a result of God's plan for you. As a result of the anointing you will receive.

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