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Opinion: Photo of a deeper life church member wearing corps khaki skirt that got people talking

Nigerians react after a member of the Deeper Life Church shared a photo of a corps member wearing a khaki skirt and claimed that female trousers are "Satan's deception."

Members of the Deeper Life Bible Church, including Awoh Liberty, have come under fire for wearing khaki skirts instead of the pants required by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in a photo he posted on social media.

Sunday, Liberty posted the photo to Facebook in several Christian groups with the caption, "No to Lucifer's Perception.

No to Satan's Deception.

As seen by the females' response, "We the female say no no no to pants".

The message drew a mixed response from the groups, with only a few people in favor and many arguing that it is not possible to participate in strenuous activities in the NYSC orientation camp while wearing a skirt.

According to Emmanuel Emeng, the Post has a "Phariseeic in behavior with a tint of fanaticism."

"This uniform is a work uniform na, everything is legal but not everything is efficient na.

If you wear a trouser, you will never commit sin.

be an atheist like the agnostics who haven't received the light.

Toochukwu Ben Anefo wrote:

I put it to you, dear poster, that you are spending the time you would have used to preach salvation, love for Christ, and righteousness to market frivolities.

Wearing a skirt or a pantsuit will not get you into heaven.

There is no one else but Jesus.

Recite your sermons to him in private so the Holy Spirit can accomplish his work in your congregation. Shalom.”

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