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Do You Know What Keeping A Memorial Altar Means? Find Out

"In like manner, when he had supped, he took the cup, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as often as ye drink it, in remembrance of me." I Corinthians 11:25

Depending on who created it and for what purpose, an altar can mean a number of different things. We see that an altar can be built not only to worship and sacrifice to the Almighty God, but also to serve as a memory in Exodus 17:14-16 and Luke 22:17-20. Because man is prone to forgetting what the Lord has done in the past, an altar can be constructed as a means of commemorating God's deeds and faithfulness.

God often instructed the children of Israel to remember Him, His ways, and His deeds (Deuteronomy 8:18, Exodus 20:8, Psalm 105:5-6). In Jesus' name, may you and your children never forget God or what He has done for you. Not only do memorial altars remind us of what God has done in the past, but they also remind God of His promises and covenants with His people, especially when they are at a fork in the path.

Moses built an altar after defeating the Amalekites, for the strange reason recounted in Exodus 17:15-16: “And Moses constructed an altar and named it Jehovahnissi, for the LORD had sworn that the LORD would fight Amalek from generation to generation,” he added. We see God recalling what He swore to do against the Amalekites generations later. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 15:2:

“Thus declares the LORD of hosts, I remember what Amalek did to Israel when he came up from Egypt, how he laid wait for him in the route. Now go and smite Amalek, and completely destroy whatever they have; spare neither man nor woman, infant nor suckling, ox nor sheep, camel nor ass; but murder both man and woman, child and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”

In Jesus' name, I hope that God will remember His covenant and promises to you today.

As Christians, we must construct memorial altars. The altar of Holy Communion is a famous example of a memory altar. Our Lord Jesus Christ advised us to eat it in commemoration of Him on a regular basis. When we do this, we are reminding Him of His accomplished work on the cross of Calvary, and thus activates His power against anything in our life that would nullify His work.

Do you consume this meal? Do you commemorate our Lord's death and resurrection in your home by serving this dinner to your family? If you haven't already, start doing so today and watch God come to your aid to enforce His covenant over your life. Call God's attention to anything in your life or family that undermines the benefit of Jesus Christ's sacrifice of His Body and Blood.

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