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Pray These Prayers When You Are About To Sleep Today

It is good for every Christian to pray before sleeping. Prayer is very important because God protects people when they pray in the night against the devil who is moving up and down in the night looking for whom to destroy.

Before you will sleep this night, I would advise that you pray before sleeping this night. So just say the prayer I would write before and say amen after the prayers. 

Pray this way: “Father in heaven, I worshipped your name because you are worthy to be praised. Thank you for how you protected me and guided me throughout the day. I commit the sick ones in the hospital, father lord grants them define healings. Lord, as I am going to sleep this night, guide and protect me, give me the grace and power to see tomorrow. I am committing my family members, father protect them through the night, for in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”

When you say this above prayer, know that the Lord will protect you throughout the night. You cannot sleep and the devil won't disturb you. Goodnight. 

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