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Divorce Affair

Don't Consider Yourself a Christian, If You Do These Things in South Africa (Opinion)

A lot of the things that we Christians in Ghana overlook and take for granted are the same things that the Bible had previously warned against in the scriptures, which we Christians in Ghana have done. Lots of Christian readers in Ghana are interested in reading books and magazines but they have not taken the time to determine whether or not the teachings contained within those books are consistent with the word and teachings of Holy Bible. Some people read simply to pass the time while others are studying.

As a sincere believer and as a core Christian who worships GOD, you should be aware that the Bible supersedes any other book that discusses religion in its own way, including the Bible itself. As we all know, the Holy Book contains accurate and genuine facts of GOD's instructions, which were gathered by inspiration from GOD to the disciples of JESUS, as documented in the Book of Revelation.

Knowing the Teachings of the Bible, you should never allow anyone to deceive you again in your life. To be able to study your Bible day in and day out, you must be able to distinguish between what is correct and what is incorrect in the teachings of the Christian religion. This includes being able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you shouldn't read Christian publications or that you shouldn't trust in the teachings of clergymen; all I'm suggesting is that you should exercise extreme caution to ensure that no one deceives you with incorrect interpretations of the Bible.

It is important to note that no matter how many times a Christian has read the Bible and sat under several Bible classes and teachings, he or she has ignored the essential lessons of GOD's word. Some of the teachings of the Bible were revealed in this article, which you may read about here.

1. Rumors and rumors

Gossip, in its most basic definition, is just a casual or unrestrained talk or exchange of details or information about a certain person's life. As these are typical details, whether real or incorrect, that are addressed at a certain moment, it is appropriate to include them here. As a Christian, any information you give out about someone that you know you are not allowed to say in their presence is termed Gossip and is believed to be false information.

Because we are all flawed and prone to making mistakes, it is possible that you have Gossiped without even realizing it. In any case, let me remind you that the Bible teaches us that there are no such things as "little sins" or "large crimes." Sin is just sin.

This is a brief quotation from the Bible. In accordance with Proverbs 20:19, A gossip will never be able to keep a secret. Avoid spending too much time with those who talk too much. This is a clear signal that whatever information a Gossiper provides will be made available to the whole public.

This chapter of the Bible that has been mentioned is only one of many to mention. The reason is that there are different interpretations of the Bible that refer to gossip as a sin. As the Bible cautioned us, we should avoid being connected with Gossipers since their words are full of falsehoods and deceit, and we should do the same. In addition, a gossiper cannot be trusted when it comes to maintaining secrets.

Tattoos and pierced ears are two of the most popular fashion accessories.

Although the Bible instructs us to reject the things of this world, it is important to highlight that the majority of Christians have veered from the teachings of the Bible and have chosen to follow the fashions of the day. For many years, Christians have taken it for granted that wearing earrings and getting tattoos are both extremely bad. However, you can see now that both Ushers and pastor's wives are now wearing earrings, so disobeying the Bible's instructions that wearing earrings is sinful. Nonetheless, they have been told by the teachings of their ideology that wearing earrings is for the sake of beautification, which is false.

In order to support this, the Book of Leviticus, chapter 19, verses 27-28, is quoted. Do not cut the hair on the sides of your head, trim your beard, tattoo yourself, or carve gashes in your body in order to express your grief for the deceased. I am the LORD your God. Do not cut the hair on the sides of your head or trim your beard unless absolutely necessary.

Genesis 35:2-4 contains teachings about earring usage, which are relevant to this discussion. "Get rid of the foreign gods that you have; purify yourselves, and put on clean garments," Jacob instructed his family and those who were with him.

The two of us are going to leave here and travel to Bethel, where I intend to erect an altar in honor of the God who aided me during my time of need and who has accompanied me everywhere I have traveled.

They then gave Jacob all of their foreign gods, as well as the earrings they were wearing at the time. "He buried them behind an oak tree near Shechem," says the author.

Following your reading of these Bible passages, you should be aware that the Bible refers to Earrings as foreign GODS, and as a result, Jacob commanded his family to remove their earring before entering the Alter of the Lord. This suggests that GOD is against Christians who come into his presence while wearing earrings.

3. Decency and modesty

When it comes to modesty, I will congratulate the Deeper Life Ministry, Mountain of Fire Ministry, and Miracles Ministry for their utter condemnation of the mindset of ladies who dress in trousers to church. You are not permitted to test it because it is not permitted in their denomination. However, as seen in the Bible texts below, the modern-day Church ignores the teachings of the Bible that forbid women from dressing in clothing that is traditionally reserved for men.

According to the word of GOD in 1 Timothy 2:9, the Bible has these statements on women who wear trousers. "I also want the women to be modest and reasonable in their clothing choices, and to wear appropriately; not with elaborate hairstyles, gold decorations, pearls, or expensive outfits," says the author.

It reads in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, "Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives within you and who was given to you by God?" "You are not your own property; you are God's property."

"He purchased you for a price," says verse 20. So put your bodies to good use for the glory of God."

In this section of the Bible, it is literally stated that women should dress in a certain manner. According to the Bible, a man should not wear anything that belongs to a woman, and a woman should not wear something that belongs to a man. Instead, we should make an effort to dress in a way that conceals our Nakedness as Christian believers.

4. Divorce is a possibility.

In its simplest form, divorce is the dissolution of a marriage in which the legal union of Marriage has taken place

It is important to highlight that this act has become commonplace since the sole religion (Christianity) that should have stood up against it now considers it to be insignificant. Many Men of GOD will discover that a person has already been married, yet they will still proceed to marry them.

"For married people, I have a command that is not mine, but the Lord's: a wife must not desert her husband," states 1 Corinthians 7:10-11.

"However, if she does, she must either remain single or be reconciled with her spouse; and a husband may not divorce his wife," says the law.

"He answered to them, "A man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against his wife," according to Mark 10:11-12.

A woman who divorces her spouse and marries another guy is guilty of adultery in the same way.

5 [email protected]

The Bible prohibits the above-mentioned sin because it is considered a sin against a man's physical body.

According to the word of GOD, in 1 Corinthians 6:18, which states: "Avoid immorality at all costs." However, a man who is guilty of sexual immorality commits a sin against his own body, in contrast to any other sin he may commit.

Second, according to Proverbs 23:2, "if you have a ravenous desire, keep it under control."

Consider whether or not you believe that the writer made a number of important points in this article. Share your thoughts, and please kindly share too.

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