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The Shongoma Prophet Reveals Why WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Had a Breakdown. (See Why)

At the point when Jesus became alive once again, he guaranteed that he won't let us be however with a Holly soul that will direct us on the most proficient method to live and surrender us heads about things that we can't see with our unaided eyes. Many individuals decipher that expression "Essence of God that will direct us" as the book of scriptures, prophets, ministers, and every one of the people who have otherworldly powers to perceive what will happen tomorrow and things that not every person can see. We were completely made extraordinarily and given various capacities, yet there are the individuals who are picked and enabled to perceive what others can't see. We call them prophets. 

A notable tweeter prophet, who is otherwise called Prophet Rhadebelihle, made a stunning disclosure concerning why online media stages like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook were not working later yesterday. As per him, these stages are the most utilized ones by individuals consistently, so the people who need to assume control over the world need to check whether they can truly control the world through web-based media. He proceeded to say that Twitter was left so they could see individuals' responses, and to be sure, many individuals were grumbling that their lives were on and their associations were via web-based media. 


That was a test and you making it pattern demonstrates how effectively you can be controlled through online MEDIA. They needed to check whether you actually modified so they take their next action. They forgot about Twitter subsequently watch to see the response". He tweeted. 

After this was posted, many individuals were scared in light of the fact that a couple of days prior, the prophet referenced that there would be a web-based media breakdown and for sure it happened yesterday. Through that, many individuals accept and regard his prescience. Perceive How individuals responded to this prescience: 


This prophet forecasted the passing of the late Shona Ferguson and to be sure it occurred. As far as I might be concerned, that was sufficient to cause me to accept his words. We are experiencing a daily reality such that so much is occurring between us without our insight, the main weapon we need to battle Satan is PRAYER!. 

What are your contemplations on this? Do you accept that the media breakdown was actually a control test or it was only a framework issue?


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