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Check Out The Only Country In The World Without Church

There are more than 190 nations on the planet. Christianity is the most ruled religion on the planet with more than 30% of the total populace. Islam follows with more than 25% of the total populace. 

In spite of this enormous number of Christians on the planet, there is one country on the planet without a solitary church. A congregation is where Christians meet to love God. 

Saudi Arabia is the main country on the planet without a congregation. The nation comprise of the heft of the Arabian promontory. The nation has a land space of around 2, 150,000km2. Saudi Arabia geologically is the biggest sovereign states in West Asia and it is likewise the second biggest in the Arab world. 

As at now, there is no congregation working in the country. Nonetheless, there are more than 1,000,000 Christians in the country. Saudi Arabia is a free country which acknowledges a wide range of religions in their country. Every religion is allowed to love their God at home. Consequently, Christians are permitted to adore God in their different homes yet not to construct a congregation. 

Saudi Arabia have their convictions in Prophet Muhammad, as Christians have their convictions in Jesus Chris Of Nazareth, they have Mecca as their place of love, and Muslims from all areas of the planet meet there to venerate Allah during their Hajj trip. 

This makes Saudi Arabia an Islamic state and a country without a congregation. 

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