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Ancestral dreams you should never ignore, here is what you need to understand (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

When it comes to dreams it is important to know that dreams come in a form of communication. You might dream what already happened and what is about to happen. The difference is you must know what kind of dreams you keep getting.

Forget about funny dreams, there are dreams that make you afraid in the morning. Some dreams tell you what has already happened. You will be surprised when someone asks you something and you tend to remember it as though you were there. Dreams that are coming through ancestors warn you a lot about what is about to happen.

Such as dreaming of a funeral, that kind of dream is not to ignore. Since it tells what might happen sooner than expected. When you dream of dogs it's a sign that there are enemies in your life and you need to be aware. Ancestors are telling you what is around you from good to bad they will alert you.

What is important is pray a lot your dreams will give you guidance since you invite your ancestors over. Light up candles and pray each night you will notice changes.

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